Upgrading Your Home And Transforming Your Living Space – Tips For Your Next Renovation

More homeowners are now looking to improve their home rather than moving out. Renovating your home is easier and cheaper than big projects and can really add value to the bottom line when you do consider selling. Only little improvements like tidying the exterior of your home or fixing your garage door can make a big difference to the look of your house.

If you are considering a restoration project or plan on renovating your house, then here are some inexpensive tips that can help you transform your home.  You can do many of these things yourself, or save time and hire a local renovations contractor to help you get it done correctly and to current building code, especially if you have little or no experience in doing this type of work or are physically unable to.


Applying new paint can give a new look to your home and is one of the most effective and cheapest things you can do to renew your home. If your room looks dull, you can use light and natural colors. You don’t need to repaint the entire room. Only a few touch-ups will do the trick.


Many people find it difficult to maintain their clutter. You can transform areas such as under the stairs space as a storage to keep stuff like shoes, coat hooks, etc. You can also have an under-be storage. This won’t take up any extra space and will be very useful too. You can have a hidden base on your bed to use it as storage. You can also have box-style coffee tables which will have a dual purpose. They are stylish where you can serve coffee, and you can store things in the boxed area as well.

Kitchen renovation

If you have a well-fitted kitchen, it will change the entire look of your house. Only small changes can create a clean and practical kitchen. You can replace handles, worktop or door units. You can replace the tiles of your kitchen. You can have a new cabinet set up. Investing in the kitchen will increase the value of your house at least 10%.  And don’t forget for those living in Canada, you can receive tax credits and incentives to do energy-efficient improvements as well from the Government.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom is a place to relax and pamper yourself. You can transform your bathroom into a more stylish and modern one. You can add a walk-in shower. You must have good lighting in your bathroom.

Some of the more simpler improvements can make your home stand out – here’s some additional tips:

Living room

A beautiful fireplace can create a style statement in your living room. You can select from contemporary gas and electric appliances to the wood burning stoves of the modern days. You can have stylish books shelves and comfortable chairs in your living room. You can add lamps and vases to make it more attractive.

Change windows

You can have double glazing windows that will cut down your utility bills and also reduce the outside noise. Double glazed windows look good, are energy efficient and safe. This can increase the value of your house by at least 4% – get a reputable construction contractor to do this work or someone specialized in glass installation.

Taking care of garden

If your outdoor looks good, the value of your home will automatically increase. A beautiful front garden can create a great first impression for buyers. You can add some flower beds, fencing, sitting area, swings, etc. to make the garden relaxing and a fun place to stay in.


You can put a solid wood floor or laminate flooring for a change. Flooring can also give a different touch to your home and reduces dust and allergens as well as moisture and mold that can be present in carpets.

These small renovations can change the entire look of your house. You will find it more fun to live in, and the value of your home will also increase.  Save time and money by hiring the top renovations contracting company in Coquitlam if you live in the Vancouver lower mainland area of BC.  GoldBay Construction is one of the most referred upgrades and reno companies in the area – contact them at http://www.goldbayconstruction.ca for more information.

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